SD Pulse Growers


South Dakota Pulse Crops Council
Investing in the future of pea, lentil, and chickpea producers across South Dakota

Pulse Crops are another tool in the toolbox for South Dakota producers.

The South Dakota Pulse Crop Council works with the South Dakota Pulse Growers Inc. to provide education to consumers, growers, industry and government. They also work with South Dakota State University Research and Extension personnel to identify and address production challenges and opportunities associated with the production and consumption of these food crops in South Dakota.

The South Dakota Pulse Crop Council (SDPCC) is a member of the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council. This organization coordinates national and international efforts in market development, consumer educations, sustainability, and other pertinent subjects. This collaboration assures that SDPCC are represented on a national and international scale. 

– Supports production practice research to identify best practices to assure environmentally responsible production of the highest quality and healthiest human edible pulse crops.

– Support development of outreach and educational tools to inform and educate producers on the techniques most appropriate for use in South Dakota

– Educate consumers and pulse crop aggregators and processors on the quality attributes of South Dakota produced pulse crops.

– Collect actual pulse sales data in South Dakota to determine the Harvest Price for the Pulse Crop Revenues Insurance Program.

– Building resilience by enhancing South Dakota’s economic environment through new market development and diverse options.